BioCoal and Turbine BioFuel  A Green and Clean Fuel
Delivery of economical energy is a lynchpin of an industrial society. Inexpensive, reliable, and environmentally sound power generation is essential.  BioCoal for power plants and similar applications uses proprietary drying processing of biomass into a highly combustible powder, pellet, or flakes.

Proprietary TORREFACTION is the underlying technology that  produces Turbine BioFuel™ and BioCoal™, the aviation and stationary power fuels. These fuels are cost competitive because of the processing.  De-watering and processing into a fuel are done in one step. Low temp drying leaves greater resident energy potential in the biomass. At site of harvesting processing into fuel saves tremendous dollars in transportation costs. O2 and volatiles are present after processing. Assuring a consistent energy output when combusted. Good fuel. Good and Cheap!

Testing conducted by Penn State U. ARL proves solid materials can be delivered to pressurized compact combustors and dispersed for rapid, intense combustion. if the solids can be fluidized homogeneously. Such fluidizable solids behave very much like liquid fuels and can be considered for use in systems designed for coal or liquid fuels. See our Media Page for test video.

Reliable, consistent, inexpensive energy is needed with additional properties.  At no additional cost. BioCoal and Turbine BioFuel provide biomass fuels for industry and military aviation.

BioCoal! ®
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Non-food algal, yeast, camelina, and other biomass sources are ideal for processing into all grades of Turbine BioFuel™.