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BioCoal Prices
$10.00 per ton Gr. 1 Minimums apply
FOB Point of Origin (All US) Contract Required
10,000 BTU's per pound minimum
ASTM D291-07 compliant ​
BioCoal® is a new biomass fuel for stationary power. Proprietary processing of ALGAL biomass creates a homogenous, solid fuel. 
No clinkers. 
 Just clean and cheap. 

Emission issues still cutting into profits?

Don't modify your plant with expensive emission controls!
Upgrade your Fuel to BioCoal. 
For most coal fired power plants, a 30% blend meets most emission standards in plants built after 1987.

BioCoal 50 to 70% for older installations.
Competitive pricing with coal, burns clean, clinker free fuel, no mercury, no lead, and reduces carbon emissions profile.

Greater market share, reduced operational expenses, better profitability!

Why is BioCoal a better biomass fuel and is a sound fuel choice for stationary power installations using biomass fuels? BioCoal uses a proprietary torrefaction process detailed in US Patent 9,896,636 B2.  Low temperature and single pass processing keep the costs LOW.

Available as a powder, pellets, or briquettes. 
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