Emissions Issues?
Emission issues still cutting into profits?
Don't modify your plant with expensive emission controls!
Upgrade your Fuel to BioCoal. 
For most coal fired power plants, a 30% blend meets most emission standards in plants built after 1987.
BioCoal 50 to 70% for older installations.
Competitive pricing with coal, burns clean, clinker free fuel, no mercury, no lead, and reduces carbon emissions profile.
Greater market share, reduced operational expenses, better profitability!
Why is BioCoal a better biomass fuel and is a sound fuel choice for stationary power installations using biomass fuels? Scalable: As little as 100 ton per day per plant production, combines(co-fires) with coal, gas, or liquid fuel, good energy density, and its is cheaper than any other fuel in the category!

Our opinion is that coal is one of the best sources of electrical energy. Cheap and plentiful, coal has served the nation well.  Times have changed. Emissions issues have painted coal as a less attractive fuel source for stationary power.  Natural Gas has come into favor, along with wind and solar.

Natural Gas is a carbon emissions fuel, though less than coal, in its basic form. Market pressures, as with any oil based fuel, dictate price.  Any price advantages will become price problems in even the near term.

Available as a powder, pellets, or briquettes. 
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