Military Application UAV-Ground Power-Rocket, High Altitude & Pulse
Unmanned Air Systems (UAS)

 Current preliminary testing supports prior test results. Testing specifically for comparative performance between TBF and A-1 demonstrates good performance of TBF.  Raw data from the most recent tests is available upon request. 
Turbine BioFuel ™ is a promising option for renewable, in-theater fuel source for the next generation of Unmanned Air Systems. Field designed systems could provide  lightweight, high output fuel source, that can be produced on-site.  Eliminating costly, and potentially dangerous transportation and delivery. Penn State University has conducted a variety of tests using an SG-18 small format, military style jet engine.  All comments and test reports are available for:

        Penn State Unversity-Applied Research Labs

1.  Dr. T. Cawley at PSU ARL observation and comments.

2.  First Cold Flow test, Live Fire test, and afterburner/smoke ring fuel system compatibility

3.  JP-8 and TBF co-fire results

4.  Pending Testing for comparative thrust-TBF-A-1/JP-8 (Rough Draft)

Turbine BioFuel burns cleanly, with greater conversion of fuel to thrust (Plasma Combustion).  Lower burned fuel means more thrust.

Ground Based Power

The Turbine BioFuel ™ process is well suited to in-theater production of a sustainable fuel source for any turbine driven generation system. Advantages are both Strategic and Tactical.  In-theater, concealed production of fuels creates deployment problems for opposing forces.  Packaged and "Under Tent" fuel greatly increased WarFighter Tactical Impact on the battlefield. Interdiction of fuel supplies is also, greatly reduced.

Solid Rocket Fuel / High Altitude / Pulse Motor

Early testing by University Dayton Rocket Technology group showed sufficient energy output from TBF for use as a solid propellant. The high oxygen content also suggests that TBF could be used as a JP-7 replacement fuel or Pulse Motor/Jet. 

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