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Keeping Coal: It's tough Being Green!
​BioCoal as a component of stationary power fuel is the way to reduce emissions, improved combustion efficiency*, and improve plant profitability. BioCoal uses natural sequestration from Blue Green algae. Algae is the most efficient way to remove huge amounts of CO2, nitrogen, and phosphorus from our air and freshwater ways.  Plentiful and cheap biomass, Blue Green algae, alone, provides scalability and the volume of fuel needed to keep our Coal Fired power plants running.  Much cleaner and profitable.
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US Utility Patent Issued
​Turbine BioFuel and BioCoal Utility Patent completes Foundational Technology in Single Pass Processing of BioMass based fuels.  A flexible technology grounded in drying methodology, affordable green energy for the mass market is a reality, NOW

to spend $2.5 BILLION to deal with algae HAB's, blooms and mats.