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Powdered Algae-Algae Industry Magazine 
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Recent press about the seemingly novel concept of powdered algae as a jet engine fuel has raised eyebrows in the airline industry, and among competing algae processing technologies. However, Robert Fulton, president of Utah-based Compact Contractors for America (CCA), sees dry processed algal biofuel as a serious contender for JP-8 replacement in military aircraft engines and aero-derivative gas turbine power systems.
NREL/DOE BioCoalReview for Co-Fire Sole Fire 
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DOE Heat Content Ranges for Various Biomass Fuels (dry weight basis) 
5% TBF replacement of A-1 kerosene yielded the following results:  SG-16 engine immediately began to exceed operational limits.  Temperature increased to 650 C, and RPMS exceeded 22, 000.  The testing had to be stopped.  The engine ran within operational limits on A-1.  Conclusion? A bigger, more robust test engine is required. Most recent testing at  PSU/ARL confirmed earlier demonstrations that TBF has  specific properties that blend well with current liquid fuel. TRL 5
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