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Robert Fulton has developed a patented technology in the US, and patented technology in the EU and India to turn biomass, such as algae, into fluidizable powdered fuels which can be burned in a turbine generator by themselves or in mixture with existing fuels. Because it is a smooth-flowing, non-explosive powder, it has many beneficial characteristics, including safe transport and storage, non-toxicity, retained fluidity at cold temperatures, and ultra-low contaminants. Best of all, BioCoal and Turbine BioFuel ™  fuels are renewable biomass based.

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BioCoal™ - is intended to be used conjunction with coal, methane, diesel fuel, or natural gas to fire current Frame type turbine generators and similar power plant systems. BioCoal ™ is a bulk fuel based on processed biomass that is a minimum of 19 kilo joules per gram (10500 BTU’s per US pound tested by Standard Labs) energy density. This fuel can be formed into briquettes, "chunks", hard pressed blended pellets, or powder. Biomass is derived from nuisance algae found abundantly around the world.  Co-fire BioCoal™ is processed using drum dryers.

Turbine BioFuel™  is currently under development. TBF-AV is targeted for use in UAV/UAS and some ground turbine power generators. Commercial aviation use is not a focus. Using current processing methodology, Turbine BioFuel ™  is able to reach an energy density of 28 kilo joules and higher per gram, and a Hausner Fluidity ratio of 1.31. First Turbine BioFuel™ Live Fire test conducted by Penn State University’s Applied Research Lab.  Turbine BioFuel™ uses spray dryers for processing.  Spray dryers provide very precise control of grain characteristics for fueling in aviation and some ground power applications. The powdered fuel combusts very efficiently with less observed emissions.  Further testing is scheduled with Penn State U. Applied Research Lab.

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