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Robert Fulton III-Practical Engineer (a distant descendent of Robert Fulton, the 19th century Practical Engineer of steamboat fame) has a varied background.  Starting work, in 2008, on biomass based fuel technology Mr. Fulton created a revolutionary process for converting algae and certain other plant matter into a highly combustible, fluidizable, powdered fuel. All with off the shelf production equipment. Practical Engineering produced a Photo Bioreactor (PBR) for use in Turkey. In concert with Metalcraft Technologies, Inc. CCA designed a Photo Bioreactor that uses off the shelf materials. The PBR design is cost competitive with other available designs, easier to deploy, and can be manufactured anywhere in the world today. 

Turbine BioFuel™ development is focused on the certification, production and distribution of this new, renewable fuel. 

        Research Affiliates:

Penn State University – Dr. Tom Cawley Applied Research Lab-Providing testing and input regarding the flow properties and feed systems of the powdered fuel.

State of Utah Governor's Office of Energy-Mr. Perry Thomson

USTAR – The State of Utah’s agency for economic development and expansion.

University of UtahDr. Eric Eddings College of Engineering Pending Research in Plasma Combustion characteristics of Turbine BioFuel™.

Utah State University – Dr. Byard Wood Providing testing and development resources and expertise.

Mississippi State University- Dr. Todd French Unique biomass and yeast feedstock research.

        Contract Consultants and Service Providers:

Private Energy Systems-Prime Contractor, project funding, engineering, project management, focused on Green Energy Solutions in the US and abroad.

Hobbs Energy Systems-Advanced project management of coal fired power plants, and green energy plant development.

Selch Process Systems-Advanced Consulting Services for Drum and Spray Drying Technology.

        Patent and Legal Staff:

Gurr and Brande Patent Attorneys: Patent Attorney's for CCA, LLC Foreign and Domestic Patents

Nissenbaum Law Group, LLC

Onkosel, Turkey-Involved in early deployment of CCA, LLCs photo bioreactor design for production of a variety of alga species.  

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